LPN - 40 hours

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Location: Burlington, MA
Job ID: 150210-1A
Date Posted: Jan 21, 2019

Job Description

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Lahey Health is a vibrant and growing health care system, recognized as a trailblazer in medicine and a standard bearer in patient experience. It includes an award-winning academic medical center, a superb constellation of community hospitals, home care services, rehabilitation facilities and more.

We are committed to attracting, developing and retaining top talent in a market long recognized and revered as a global leader in health. With a team approach to care, we encourage learning and growth at all levels, and we offer competitive salaries and benefits. We adhere to the principles of a just and fair work environment for all colleagues, where respect is foundational and performance is rewarded.


Full Time ; 40 hours


Position Summary:  Under the general supervision of the Administrative Director or assigned manager  in Collaboration with the Associate Chief of Ambulatory Nursing Practice the Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) practices within the framework specified by the nursing statutes and regulations of the Commonwealth, and demonstrate Lahey Clinic’s core values that reflect its Mission. The LPN, in accordance with the Nurse Practice Act of Massachusetts Rules & Regulations- 244 CMR 3.0, shall bear full responsibility for the quality of health care he or she provides to patients. The nurse-patient/family relationship, continuity of care and accountability are central to the delivery of individualized high quality patient care. The Licensed Practical Nurse works in collaboration with the physician(s), other healthcare provider(s) and other ambulatory support staff within the department and with other disciplines to participate in planning and coordinating the delivery of patient care. 


The LPN demonstrates the knowledge and skills necessary to provide expected standards of care based on physical, psychosocial, cultural, educational, spiritual, safety and age-appropriate considerations of patients. The LPN participates in the identification of the nursing needs of the patient, the plan of nursing interventions, implementation of the plan and evaluation.

The LPN facilitates the coordination of care across the continuum and demonstrates safe practice within the domains of:

  • Clinical judgment and decision making
  • Collaborative relationships
  • Clinical leadership
  • Clinical scholarship


A responsibility and function of the LPN includes Delegation & Supervision in accordance with the Nurse Practice Act of Massachusetts Rules & Regulations- 244 CMR 3.0 Registered Nurse and Licensed Practical Nurse: Board of Registration in Nursing.  The delegating LPN is responsible for, but not limited to:

  • Developing an appropriate patient care assignment
  • Properly and adequately teaching, directing and supervising the delegate
  • The outcome of the delegation


The LPN maintains a current level of knowledge and skill with technical procedures, complies with all regulations and standards of regulatory and accrediting bodies, and is currently licensed in the state of Massachusetts as an LPN.




Essential Duties & Responsibilities: including but not limited to:


I.  Clinical Judgment and Decision Making: A licensed practical nurse participates in direct and indirect nursing care, health maintenance, teaching, counseling, collaborative planning and rehabilitation, to the extent of his/her generic and continuing education and experience in order to:


  1. Assess an individual’s basic health status, records and related health data.
  2. Participate in analyzing and interpreting said recorded data, and making informed judgements as to the specific elements of nursing care mandated by a particular situation.
  3. Participate in planning and implementing nursing intervention, including appropriate healthcare components in nursing care plans that take account of the most recent advancements in current knowledge in the field.
  4. Incorporate the prescribed medical regimen in the nursing plan of care.
  5. Participate in the health teaching required by the individual and family so as to maintain an optimal level of health care.
  6. When appropriate, evaluate outcome of basic nursing intervention and initiate or encourage change in plans of care.
  1. The LPN is expected to and is accountable for providing safe patient care by demonstrating organizational skills that maintain and coordinate safe delivery of quality care for assigned patients/families.
  1. Participates in developing a culturally competent plan of care that identifies patient problems, expected outcomes, and addresses preventative measures. Respects the values (religious/spiritual, ethnic, cultural) of the patient and family
  1. Delivers care that is specific to the age of the patient.



II. Collaborative Relationship: Collaborates, cooperates, and communicates with other health care providers

     to ensure quality and continuity of care.


  1. Establishes collaborative relationships with nurses, physicians, other colleagues, patients and families.
  1. Educates the patient and family about the patient’s illness and treatment including preventative measures appropriate to the patient.
  2. Supports Lahey Clinic’s commitment to community based activities both within the Lahey community and beyond.


III. Clinical Leadership: The qualified LPN, within the scope of his/her practice, is responsible for the nature

      and quality of all nursing care that a patient receives under his/her direction.  The ability to lead and

      influence the reasoning of colleagues in the patient’s best interest depends on the conviction to act as

     an  ethical agent despite adverse consequences, and the ability to listen and enhance others’ strengths. 


  1. Demonstrates appropriate behavior by adhering to unit policies and procedures and practice guidelines specific to the setting.
  2. Demonstrates skills as a responsive team member.
  3. Demonstrates role of LPN as teacher.
  4. Demonstrate ability to fulfill role in Regulatory compliance and readiness.


IV. Clinical Scholarship: The Licensed Practical Nurse: achieves clinical scholarship through

       experiences with patients, through collaboration with colleagues and leadership and through formal

       education. Learning is transformed into knowledge through self-reflection and analysis.


  1. Upholds standards of quality nursing care.
  2. Demonstrates a commitment to life long learning.



Clinical Responsibilities


  1. Prepares patient for the appointment based upon the diagnosis, procedure and/or department protocols. Includes proper patient attire (gowns/shorts etc), proper pre-visit tests completed according to policy and, proper set-up for the procedure(s) to be performed etc.
  1. Performs proper pre- visit procedures under direction of the physician or other health care provider prior to the patient’s visit (suture/staple removal/dressing removal/ cast removal).
  1. Observes and reports any abnormal symptoms or behavior to appropriate licensed personnel.
  1. Provides and reviews appropriate instructions to patients regarding any diagnostic test and procedure.  Provides patient with written educational material, including diagnostic preparations, as necessary.  Document that patient instructions were given, as well as patient’s response.
  1. Assists in performing departmental procedures with the appropriate provider.
  1. Performs or assists with the admission and transfer process.
  1. Completes all documentation required to meet all applicable standards of practice.
  1. Administers medications and treatments as directed by the physician or other health care provider in accordance with Lahey policy.
  1. Ensures code cart equipment is functional and medications and supplies are current in accordance to policy.
  1. Successfully completes Skills Fair on an annual basis.
  1. Meets expectations of annual competency verification.
  1. Maintains competencies identified in the orientations skills checklist and participates in educational programs provided.


Administrative/Clerical Tasks

  1. Orients staff members and others to the department as requested.
  1. Participates in Quality Assurance and CQI issues as well as to unsafe working conditions.  Notifies manager of safety concerns. Participates in unit based QI activities and is familiar with unit measurement data.
  1. Proficiently utilizes electronic medical record to enter and retrieve patient information.
  1. Receives and communicates information through various processes, including (but not limited to) use of computers, Intranet, e-mail, hospital telephone system, and fax
  1. Enters required information for prescription refills properly through electronic medical record.


Organizational Requirements:

  • Maintains strict adherence to the Lahey Clinic Confidentiality Policy.
  • Incorporates Lahey Clinic Guiding Principles, Mission Statement, and Goals into daily activities. 
  • Complies with all Lahey Clinic Policies.
  • Complies with behavioral expectations of the department and Lahey Clinic.
  • Maintains courteous and effective interactions with colleagues and patients.
  • Demonstrates an understanding of the job description, performance expectations, and competency assessment.
  • Demonstrates a commitment toward meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers and consistently adheres to Customer Service standards.
  • Participates in departmental and/or interdepartmental quality improvement activities.
  • Participates in and successfully completes Mandatory Education.
  • Performs all other duties as needed or directed to meet the needs of the department.


The colleague demonstrates an understanding of the Guiding Principles by incorporating them into their daily activities.  The Guiding Principles are: Respect, Caring, Teamwork, Excellence, and Commitment to Personal Best.






Licensure, Certification, Registration: 

  • Current license to practice nursing from the Massachusetts Board of Registration
  • BLS certification.


    Skills, Knowledge & Abilities:    

          Clinical Skills/Technical Knowledge

    1. Demonstrates the necessary clinical skills and technical knowledge to provide care for patients according to Nursing Policy and Procedures.  See Skill Record.
    2. Demonstrates the necessary clinical skills and knowledge to provide care for patients according to the clinic-specific competencies.  See Skill Record.
    3. Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills.


      Experience:     A minimum of 1 year of medical/surgical nursing or nursing in a skilled nursing facility is required.